Byron Parfums, amid intoxicating escapes and urban-chic scented graffiti

Byron Parfums, emerging brand of artistic perfumery, presents a new fragrance collection in Extrait de Parfum that has already seduced the vaste community of Instagram and YouTube.

This is the story of an emotion that takes shape from music and color, branching out from the streets of the metropolis up to the cyberspace, a virtual escape whose map is transposed into the lively score of a new fragrant universe. Byron Parfums embodies the vision of Yann.D alias Mr. Byron, who, 11 years ago, channels his passion for music into a new creative flow where chromatic values are modulated over harmonic nuances, melting into the intoxicating trail of five olfactory compositions.

“I have always perceived the sounds of musical instruments as colors, finding in perfumes the alchemic junction between musical notes and chromatic nuances. Slowly, note by note, I started composing my palette and drawing my music. I never lost sight of the essential: creating perfumes that allowed those who wore them to travel with imagination, animated by the passion and enthusiasm that can be induced by a piece of music, by a landscape or a painting”.

This is how Mr.Byron, creator and founder of the homonimous brand, recounts the inspiration that lead him to create a perfume collection that, thanks to its captivating appeal and brought to the for by a strong social campaign, spreads through word of mouth of perfume enthusiasts and collectors.

Byron Parfums de Rue

Byron Parfums
( Anthoscents)

MULA MULA is an American slang term that refers to cash. Like a pure gold coin, MULA MULA is an enveloping and intense oriental fragrance where the piercing start of leather and saffron is softned by the gourmand juicy delicacy of nectarine peach, red fruits and salted caramel. A warm spicy heart of pink pepper and ginger enlivens the Woody facets of cypriol blending into rich ambery shades of labdanum. The voluptuous oriental base settles on the deep magnetism of an accord of Oud, benzoin, musks, Peru balm, patchouli and vanilla.

0.9 draws its name from the purest cut of cocaine and its trail, at the same time soft and gourmand, reveals a mysterious, captivating and hypnotic sensuality. The aromatic and spicy start of bergamot, saffron, cinnamon and cardamom frames a heart of almond and heliotrope resting on a base of vanilla, sandalwood and amber.

PIRATES traces imaginary routes towards tropical islands, colorful and lush landscapes. From a greedy and thirst-quenching incipit of pear and bergamot, the fragrance evolves on narcotic garlands of white flowers where the soft and vaguely animal breath of jasmine weaves with the bursting sensuality of tuberose and the creamy-fruity facets of ylang ylang. The warm base of ambery woods, patchouli and white musk comes as an invitation to indulge on the wake of an exotic mirage.

( Anthoscents)

( Anthoscents)

THE CHRONIC abstraction of a primordial sense embedded between memory and dream. The spicy start of black pepper and cinnamon lingers as the preponderant trace of a fragrance that softly assembles an enveloping amber heart, emphasized by refined oriental arabesques of leather and patchouli, on a creamy sandalwood base shaded in the gentle intimate transparency of the white musk.

OUD BOURBON revisits the note of Laotian Oud through a delicate transposition of the precious raw material that lends itself to a non-leading role, granting a magnetic nuance to the composition. From the bright start of saffron, neroli and violet, the fragrance unveils a refined bouquet of jasmine suffused with soft gourmand nuances of vanilla and liquorous touches of black currant over a refined and velvety trace of Oud, sandalwood and musk.

All fragrances by Byron Parfums are exclusively available in selected boutiques or from the web site of the brand to this LINK.



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