La seduzione del giglio front

The seduction of the lily

“The flowers express themselves with words whispered in the wind” reads an ancient Japanese parchment on the art of Hanakotoba, or the art of expression and composition in the Language of Flowers. Since ancient times, in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, the flower had a specific meaning in the decoration of the rooms but also in the fine art of courtship. Casanova himself, when courting young women, he used to bring them lilies and he possessed them on a bed of rose petals… The White Lily symbolizes purity and virginity, the Lily of the Valley symbolizes the return of happiness, the Lily of the Incas is the symbol of devotion, the Yellow Lily is dedicated to the nobility, the Pink Lily is the emblem of vanity. Its scent is intoxicating, seductive and feminine. Some compositions pay homage to this flower with sublime intensity:

lily rojaLily by ROJA DOVE : A solar touch of Bergamot and Lemon brightens a pure Lily, where the exotic flowers of the Ylang Ylang and of Tiare emphasize the tenderness and more spontaneous femininity in a sublime marriage with the Carnation, the Jasmine and the Rose, while Cloves give the fragrance a spicy touch. In the base notes, precious Woods, Vanilla and Musk heat the wake. The composition in Extrait envelops the skin all day with a warm silky touch.

lys41 lelaboEven Lys 41 LE LABO choses the approach of the Lily with the flower of Tiare but reinforces the composition with notes of Jasmine and Tuberose to make the scent intense, persistent, languid and creamy on a base of precious woods, vanilla and musk.

lyly beach zoltyThe solar and cheerful touch of Lily Beach of JACQUES ZOLTY takes us on a flourished sea coast and envelops the skin with notes of Ivy, while Carnation, Cardamom and Ginger are softened on a base of Precious Musks. It’s a lily vibrant of freshness, as if its smell was carried by the wind.

soussanneSoussanne is a fragrance of the exclusive collection of KEIKO MECHERI that is spread on the notes of White Lily of Palestine. It is an ambivalent scent, soft and virginal in its whiteness emphasized by the flower of Datura and the Rose, while Sandalwood, Musk and a hint of Oud act as antagonists to the flower to make the composition more sensual and intimate.

sogno d'amoreSogno d’Amore by RE PROFUMO seems to be born from the art of seduction of Casanova because the Lily is intoxicating, sweet, warm, seducing and regal while embracing the notes of Red orange, Lemon, Styrax, Musk and Patchouli. The sillage of the fragrance is incredible.

stargazerStargazer 7.71 by YOSH is a fresh and pure, green and intoxicating Stargazer Lily in the marriage of Lily-of-the-Valley with Ginger. The nose was inspired by the imaginary scent of lilies in a late summer night, while lying on the grass of a wonderful garden and his eyes were wandering in contemplation of the sky watching shooting stars.

lys malleLys Méditerranée by FREDERIC MALLE is a tribute to a white Lily, fresh and opulent. Imagine a warm summer evening, on a Mediterranean seacoast. the sea smell, between wave sprays mingles with the spicy and sweet scent of Lilies. The marine top note meets the sweetness of Angelica and the freshness of Lotus Flower marries the Orange Flower and the Lily. A radiant perfume wrapped in a tender Musks and sweet Vanilla.

It’s amazing how the same flower can be declined in so many meanings and so many shades of femininity.


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