Triskell, the Celtic soul of Anima Mundi

Sylvan evocations, balmy whispers, mystic evanescence and mineral traces in the misty musky warmth of the undergrowth.

The echo of ancient Druid ceremonies permeates the Celtic spirit of Triskell, the new fragrance by Anima Mundi Perfumes.

Finalist of the Art and Olfaction Awards 2018 with Ankh Sun Amon, the brand of artistic perfumery founded by Emilia Chinigò and Giorgio Biella pays tribute to humanity’s “ancient cultural roots” through their fragrant potions, true olfactory talismans raised as scented custodians of the atavistic fascination of lost civilizations, of their rituals and the profound magnetism that permeated their places of worship and suggestive ceremonies.

Triskell ParfumTriskell is an intense, vibrant and hypnotic Parfum which draws its name from one of the most ancient and widespread cosmogonic symbols, of which Anima Mundi elaborates an olfactory transposition based on the mesmerizing flow of three concentric spirals.

The sixth creation of the brand pays homage to arcane Celtic mysticism, transporting us into the hidden depths of the woods where the wisdom of Druids perpetuated the divinatory arts and the formulation of magic potions, invoking the blessing and protection of Brigit, a primordial Mother Goddess.


(Brigit & Triskell in Celtic Mythology – Illustration by Natasa Ilincic)

The hymns of Imbolic, Oestara, Beltaine and Yule echo among hypnotic swirls of artemisia, offered to our senses in an invigorating and addictive cup of absinthe sweetened by wild berries.

Symbol of fertility and abundance, the reassuring rustic warmth of wheat accompanies us into that ritual of transition, while a crescent moon illuminates the path, filtering through an intricate mantle of leafy shadows in thin beams of bergamot and coriander. The resinous facet of spice interweaves the mellow woody and smoky breath of Alaskan cedar, propagating from the consecrated brazier in a white haze of immaculate petals. The benevolent presence of the Goddess flutters bright and soft, hidden in an evanescent floral trace.

Crann Bethadh, The Tree of Life, rises from the intense base of the fragrance, strengthening the indissoluble and everlasting bond between earth and heaven, between an ancient ethnicity and the spirits of nature. On the solid base of Virginia cedar, the druid engraves the last spiral of Triskell, surrounding it with the profound primordial magnetism of oak moss and the ancestral soul-breath of fir balsam, to consecrate, in that last act, the powerful conjunction of elements.

Official notes

  • top notes: Artemisia, Blueberry, Wheat
  • heart notes: Bergamot, Coriander, Cedarwood Alaska
  • base notes: Virginia Cedarwood, Fir Balsam, Oakmoss

“When in the springtime of the year, when the trees are crowned with leaves, when the ash and oak, and the birch and yew are dressed in ribbons fair… Who will go down to those shady groves, and summon the shadows there, and tie a ribbon on those sheltering arms in the springtime of the year” Loreena McKennitt – The Mummers’ Dance

Triskell is the result of a collaboration between Emilia, creative director of Anima Mundi, with parfumeurs Cristian Calabrò and Andrea Casotti. The fragrance is available from May 2019 in selected stores and niche perfumeries in 75 ml spray, Parfum concentration. For more information, please visit Anima Mundi website to this link.


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