Boronia by Grandiflora, the sensual beauty of a wildflower

Those who imagine that there’s nothing more exciting and surprising than nature itself, have not yet experienced the poetry of a flower blooming on the skin.

Boronia Presentation

Saskia Havekes and Bertrand Duchaufour (ph. credit Anthoscents)

Framed by colourful blossoms, exotic carnivorous plants and inebriating petals, Grandiflora perfumes have made their triumphal debut at Pitti Fragranze 2017, catalyzing the attention of the entire salon. The event has hosted the presentation of the fifth olfactory gem, Boronia, born from a cooperation between Saskia Havekes, brand owner, and Master perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour.

In a magnificent bouquet of five floral fragrances, the Collection Grandiflora gathers the works of three great Noses of perfumery: Sandrine Videault (Magnolia Grandiflora Sandrine), Michel Roudnitska (Magnolia Grandiflora Michel and Madagascan Jasmine) and Bertrand Duchaufour (also author of Queen of the Night).

Grandiflora Fragrance Collection

Grandiflora Fragrance Collection
(ph. credit Anthoscents)

Bornonia Megastigma, or Brown Boronia, is a species of small shrubs growing in South West Australia, between Perth and Albany, and in Tasmania; from late spring to summer, its branches are covered with intensely perfumed (such as freesia and osmanthus) bellflower bunches, of a brown-purple color to the outside and yellow in the inner section of petals.


I wanted to represent the inebriating wake of the Boronia, exalting its rich floral, green, aromatic, fruity, resinous, spicy and woody facets, but also the mineral profile of the earth on which it naturally grows” tells Duchaufour, author of a gorgeous composition that places the precious Tasmanian absolute in the core of a Chypre Floral fragrance.

On the skin*, the bright jus opens through citrus and Cognac shades, animated by vibrant spicy notes. A verdant bouquet of lavender, violet leaves and freesia brings freshness and breath to the intoxicating aroma of the Boronia. The intense floral heart, lit in the fruity tones of apricot, marries a caressing suede effect, which exalts the complex olfactory palette of the Megastigma and gives it the velvety liveliness of the osmanthus. Refined nuances of immortelle, black tea and tobacco enliven the peculiar aromatic facets of the flower, whilst warm resins, balms and a touch of vanilla amplify its sensual amber shades, of honey and caramel, and the mineral aspects. A rich accord of dark/dry exotic woods and mosses seals a strongly evocative Eau de Parfum, through which Duchaufour creates not only the vivid portrait of a charming wild flower but also the imaginary trail towards the lush and untamed land that surrounds its paradisiac scent.

*above description comes from my personal interpretation of the fragrance, whose notes are not officially listed by Grandiflora.

Grandiflora Fragrance collection, relaunches the whole line with a new packaging and sizing, in a modern black bottle, 50 ml spray and Eau de Parfum concentration. You can read the story of the Brand to this LINK or from the official web site of Grandiflora.



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