Rose e petali

Bring me nine roses

It was the year 1591 and William Shakespeare, an English poet and playwright, while composing his play, was trying to picture in his mind a ” sound bite” that a young lover would have said to the object of his desire to affirm that, though conscious of his belonging to a rival’s house, the essence of his feeling wouldn’t have been influenced by a last name.. “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet”

Oh, not any stretch of the imagination would have ever suggested to Shakespeare how many fragrant petals can shine through each one of the most representative roses of contemporary Niche Perfumes, he would have sighed and suggested Romeo to give nine roses to his Juliet, showing his devotion with a symbolic bouquet whose meaning is  “Together for life “.

rosa malleUNE ROSE Frederic Malle
Peculiar as the smell of human skin. The rose, created by the nose of Edouard Fléchier, marries the voluptuousness of the flower in a carnal embrace, thanks to a resinous and truffle hint. A fruity accord and a mild honey sweetness wrap the note of Turkish Rose, wet under dew drops of geranium and wine. The notes of Vetiver , Patchouli and Castoreum create the link between the skin and the green velvet fragrance of the whole flower .. Une Rose seems to flow from the skin, with the intoxicating aroma of a wet earthy rose garden caught in its fullness, while the first morning dew still shines on its petals, leaves and roots.

rosa kurkdjianA LA ROSE Francis Kurkdjian
Inspired to Marie Antoinette’s love for the roses and to Louise Elisabeth Vigee – Lebrun painting who portrays her with a rose in her hand. A la Rose of Francis Kurkdjian is composed with two different types of roses, the Damascena Rose from Bulgaria and the Centifolia Rose from Grasse, prettily refreshed by a citrus accord of Bergamot and Lemon from Calabria and Orange from California in the top notes. Soft notes are tied to the bouquet thanks to Magnolia flowers and Violet leaves, while the bottom supplies a sparkling richness to the fragrance through the notes of Cedar wood and musk.

rosa le laboROSE 31 Le Labo
The purpose of the perfume is clear : to transform the famous Rose of Grasse, a symbol of complete sensuality and femininity to a manly and assertive fragrance, so that it can be worn indistinctly by men and women… The result is unique, one of a kind : alternating female and male is perceived in a manner as surprising as confusing. The Centifolia Rose is immediately surrounded by a chorus of warm notes, woody and spicy, like Cumin, Frankincense, Cedar and a touch of Amber. In the base, the declared sensuality of Gaïac Wood and Cistus rock rose supply an animalic note to the composition, giving the fragrance a disconcerting sense of mystery.

rosa monegalL’EAU DE ROSE Ramon Monegal
A radiant caress. An idyllic feeling: between morning dew drops of the Essence of Neroli and the captivating aroma of rose petals dancing on the notes of Bulgarian Rose , Tea Rose and Wardia Rose. An elixir that ends in an adagio, on a velvety carpet of mosses sheltered from the leaves of Indonesian Patchouli.

rosa guerlainROSE BARBARE Guerlain
The nose behind the fragrance is Francis Kurkdjian. The universal flower, the beloved one, the most praised and especially the most celebrated by perfumers. Guerlain has imagined the polar opposite of all the stereotypes : unexpected and contemporary. Rose Barbare is a proud Ottoman offering fresh and spontaneous sensuality of aldehydes surrounding the essence of Bulgarian Rose in the top notes. In the heart of the fragrance Turkish Rose Absolute and Greek Hay on chypre base of Peach Honey, Patchouli and Mossy Woody notes. A rebel and indomitable sensuality striking directly to the heart.

rosa brecourtROSA GALLICA Brecourt
The nose behind the fragrance is Emilie Bouge. The Gallic Rose, mother of all roses, the purest one, the Queen of Flowers, is the undisputed star of this fragrance. Emilie Bouge, thanks to a meeting with a producer with whom she shares both love and respect for the flowers, finds a way to use the Gallic Rosa in her purest organic form. This fragrance is considered a unique fragrance, thanks to the manner by which the raw material is obtained. The top notes of Incense and Bay Rose seem to dissolve on a heart of Gallic Rose and Myrrh. In the base notes of the fragrance a dry accord of precious woods of Cashmere and Ebony meets Ambergris and Musk.

rosa heeleyHIPPIE ROSE Heeley
A breath of freedom. A new dawn, light and carefree, that smells of Italian Bergamot and Musk. A warm breeze from the California desert through the marriage of the Bulgarian Rose and the Patchouli. The scented air of a Himalayan temple brings the notes of incense, Amber, Vetiver and Musk. Long and shiny hair laying shiny on a soft warm sand, flowing golden and thin on tanned skin. Freedom at hand, just there, under a pink sky, muffled and barely raised on a sea of dreams of peace and serenity.

rosa perrisROSE DE TAIF Perris Monte Carlo
The nose behind the fragrance is Luca Maffei. A fragrance to share, an unisex rose that blooms on the fresh and bright notes of Lemon from Calabria, Nutmeg and Geranium. The queen of its heart is Pink Arabian Taif Rose Absolute. In the base notes the Damask Rose wrapped in a soft layer of moss. A multifaceted fragrance: Aquatic, fresh and floral, and at the same time sensual, provocative and spicy.

rosa le gallionLA ROSE Le Galion
The nose behind the fragrance is Thomas Fontaine. Le Galion introduces La Rose, a fragrance dedicated to all women. La Rose is a fragrance that starts very fresh and bright on the top notes of Bergamot and Violet Leaves. Rose becomes noticeable but not dominating, gently harmonizing with the notes of Ylang-Ylang, sensual Peach and Lily. The composition develops to a very sensual fragrance on a base of Cedar Wood, Patchouli, Vanilla and Musk.

If I were Juliet, I would have been enchanted by this bouquet. I believe that Romeo would have expressed the best of his love without saying a word. But poetry never hurts, maybe a short love message given with any of these magnificent fragranges, will make the perfect gift to any woman of any age.


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