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Francesca Bianchi, Italian, she graduated in History of Art in Florence. Her passion for perfume art came alive almost like a revelation, about fifteen years ago and, since then, is part of her being like an invisible pair of wings, like a lymph flowing slowly  through her soul translating into notes the silent melody cradling her thoughts and her moods.


Francesca Bianchi
(photo credit: Leonardo Perugini)

My passion for perfumery was sparked fifteen years ago by a book and a handful of essential oils, gifts from a friend. At the time, I was also very much interested in Alchemy, though it took me a while to understand the connection with perfume making.  Since then, I have been studying and experimenting“, Francesca says on her profile. The very simple act of assembling into one magnificent potion the sum of smells and perceptions that permeate her memories, is lived with the solemnity and the charm of an ancestral rite “holding my breath at every drop I add as in a sacred ritual. At those ecstatic and silent moments when I combine different materials, I feel like an alchemist since the purpose is not a simple mixture of elements, but a prodigious transformation into a new one“.

Her creativity arises through three wonderful fragrances that she personally formulated and recreated in her laboratory in Amsterdam, the city where she lives and in which she established the brand Francesca Bianchi Perfumes founded in 2016.

Angels-Dust-Francesca Bianchi

Angel’s Dust by Francesca Bianchi
(photo credit: Francesca Bianchi Perfumes)

Angel’s Dust, a fragrance that draws inspiration from an elegant Boudoir. Warm woody and powdery touches evoke the smell of the precious closet, face powder and lipstick. Softly enveloped in Mysore Sandalwood and enlivened by a hint of black pepper, the delicate floral notes (mimosa, rose and iris) gently flow in a rich wake of musk and resins (Tulu balm and benzoin) and vanilla. A perfume that goes over the portray of an understated and patinated beauty. It’s almost a melody, softly sweet and hairy, that guides imagination through the most secret and intimate rooms of our soul, where the fragile side of our being walks naked and sensuality is expressed with graceful candor and natural elegance.


The Dark Side by Francesca Bianchi
(photo credit: Francesca Bianchi Perfumes)

Maliciously refined and provocative, The Dark Side speaks of seduction – as a counterpoint to angelic pureness and suavity  of Angel’s Dust – inspired to that deep instinct that impels to dare, for real or simply through our imagination. Warm, sensual, hot. It’s at the same time the deepest voice of our secret thoughts and that side of us that we would keep secret. Honey and spices uplift a soft heart of iris and violet, a caress of lace and silk that embraces a tenacious and refined base. As the most irresistible temptation, sandalwood, cedarwood, vetiver, amber, styrax, patchouli, vanilla and incense arise, sinuous and magnetic, to mesmerize our senses and release our instinct.


Sex And The Sea by Francesca Bianchi
(photo credit: Francesca Bianchi Perfumes)

Luminous and captivating, Sex and the Sea opens with an exotic sweet hint of pineapple to describe the most intimate transgression of an erotic encounter by the seaside. As a recall to a creamy sun lotion, the note of coconut melts on a soft bouquet of iris, mimosa and violet that slowly becomes warmer through the notes of immortelle and sandalwood. With discretion, in a sigh the final notes emerge. Flowing gently, like waves from the base of a complex fragrance, ambergris and civet convey their wild thrill reminiscent of a skin slightly beaded with sweat and salt, while mirrh, labdanum, benzoin, and vanilla whisper of passionate kisses and languid caresses.

The fragrances are available in 30 ml Extrait de Parfum and can be purchased directly from Francesca Bianchi web site at the following link.



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