Isra & Miraj, Seventh Heaven of the 777 collection by Stéphane Humbert Lucas

So blurred is the line separating dream from desire: where the former, resistant to discernment, lazily vanishes amid fleeting shadows, the latter, parched of vivid perceptions, arises from shadows, transmuting into a vision.

Seven years have passed since the French artist Stéphane Humbert Lucas introduced his homonymous collection born under the Divine Number 777. A magic number rich in meaning to the perfumer, already founder and creator of the brands The Hype Nose and So Oud.

Isra-&-Miraj-100ml-@anthoscents-IGIsra & Miraj, 7th anniversary celebratory fragrance of the 777 Collection, tells of a moonlit journey and ascent to the Seventh Heaven. Interpretation of a spiritual an initiatory path enfolded in dreamlike dimension, Isra & Miraj reconnects with the original inspiration of a collection which explored the marvels of the Middle East and that, through complex and diverse perfumes, ranges between earthly and otherworldly dimensions, between sensory perceptions, metaphors, legends and symbolisms of a charming and mysterious universe.

Based on a second skin effect, the formulation in Parfum Haute Concentration melts with the skin, wrapping it in a changing golden drape, to reveal,  layer after layer, an ever-expanding sky. An intricate work that, through a enthralling alternation of sensual and mystical, intense yet light shades, brings together the richest and most precious raw materials of Middle Eastern perfumery: amber, oud, musk.

Isra & Miraj: Heaven upon heaven, layering dreams and desires…

Isra-&-Miraj-@anthoscents-IGLunar glows of bergamot, mandarin, nutmeg and cinnamon from Ceylon light up the first heaven of Isra & Miraj, as a prelude to a sensual animalic and woody breath that comes forth.  Sweet melts with sour, nestling spicy shades of snow and fire in the juicy delight of citruses. A taffeta veil lifts the comforting and intimate magnetism of heliotrope, almost to underline the oneiric belonging of a journey that becomes vivid on a heart of osmanthus. Languidly soothing, the soft apricot shades of the flower gather like dense drops of ambrosia over a precious golden arabesque of vanilla, amber, patchouli and Mysore sandalwood. The complex honeyed-woody-spicy nuances of the celestial bouquet, rimmed with a fine embroidery of oud and leather, surrender to the longing embrace of brown musks. Of that journey narrated over the skin, the ambery, balmy, resinous and woody creaminess of the base keeps the tiny golden dust of flowers and spices floating over a mist of heliotrope and white musk, like the constellations of the Milky Way. The perfect balance of ethereal and sponstaneously carnal elements evokes the mysterious charm of an infinite univers and of a heaven that, since the dawn of times, watches over our dreams and enshrines our desires.

But, as Stéphane Humbert Lucas says, “a dream come true is another dream” and he, who shapes the invisible in scented verses, is ready to unveil his new fragrant project La Superbe.

Isra & Miraj and all fragrances of Stéphane Humbert Lucas 777 collection are exclusively available in selected stores and niche perfumeries. Further details about the collection can be found on the perfumer’s official website to this link.


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