Kimono Kaze Anthoscents

Kimono Kaze di Miya Shinma, the memory of wind

Of all memories, only one guardian, ancient and nomadic, keeps the key. He is everywhere, immortal, imposing, an avid collector and enigmatic singer: the Wind.

Miya Shinma, a Japanese perfumer based in France, tells the beauty of “a universe built in the fleeting shadow of the grace, elegance, luxe and refinement of a distant past”. Her olfactory Haiku describe a virtual bridge between the Land of the Rising Sun and Ville Lumière, merging into a fragrant script of unparalleled delicacy and sensitivity. Today, Miya Shinma’s fragrant portfolio counts 18 Eau de Parfum – divided into the three collections “Heritage“, “L’Eau” e “Kimono” – a wide selection of “scented accessories” (incenses, folding fans, small scented bags and Kokoroba/perfumed cards) and several bespoke creations that the perfumer creates in her Parisian atelier, located at 6, Rur de Tournelles and surrounded by the eclectic charm of Marais quarter.

Kimono Kaze

Kimono Kaze ( Miya Shinma Parfums)

Kimono Kaze (Kaze, Japanese word for Wind) evokes the refined atmosphere of an ancient Kyoto temple where a tea ceremony is taking place. To the wind, Miya entrusts the task of collecting perceptions and emotions, while the senses are filled with the refined and serene atmosphere of an ancient ritual.

The landscape takes shape through the fluted voice of an elective cicerone: the wind, murmuring amongst forest branches and weaving, with its the gentle singing, the thread of a scented journey. The fruity sourness of Yuzu illuminates an instant  imbued with light, contending for the transparent incipit of the fragrance with a soothing aromatic/resinous breeze of pine leaves. The wind caresses the verdant tree crowns, indenting the sun’s rays and projecting them on the brown barks, beaded with a crystalline dew of jasmine and silvery streaks of olibanum. A balsamic waft of cypress entwines the mystical spirals of incense, drawing invisible ideograms of green tea on the solemn and austere refinement of woods and mosses, guiding us through massive walls and ancient folding screens.

The song of the wind may be hypnotic, the one who abandons himself to it seems to sink into an intense and light beatitude, as if the mystery of those places relieved the weight of existence and our souls, immersed in the stillness of a floating universe, became one with light.

Main notes of Kimono Kaze: Yuzu, pine leaf, green tea, jasmine, olibanum, cypress, cedarwood, vetiver, oakmoss, musk.

All creations of Miya Shinma Parfums are exclusivey available in selected niche perfumeries or from the website of the perfumer to this link.


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