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Lost in Heaven by Francesca Bianchi Perfumes

From the medley of virtues and drives that permeated his nature, he chose to surrender to the most delicate feeling: tenderness. He abandoned himself to it, perceiving its diffused and comforting warmth and the hopeful light that, like a torch, guided him beyond an existential limbo. Naked and vulnerable in his human awareness, suspended in an abstract dimension that freed him from any guilt or fear, he understood that the most beautiful part of a journey, of which he knew neither the duration nor the destination, was that feeling, as spontaneous as fragile. And he was finally free to lose himself in heaven.

francesca bianchi

Francesca Bianchi in her studio in Amsterdam (ph.credit Anthoscents)

A resilient halo of tenderness pervades Lost In Heaven – the ninth fragrance of Francesca Bianchi Perfumes collection and the second emotional experience of Freefall line (inaugurated this year with the fragrance Etruscan Water) – a surreal Extrait de Parfum whose evolution is marked by a complex alternation of innocent and languidly sensual notes.

Francesca Bianchi has already gained a place of honor on the stage of contemporary perfumery, thanks to her unique and recognizable style, based on a skilful use of animal notes and on a mastery of the most complex and rich raw materials, protagonists of intense and original compositions in which modern constructions intersect nostalgic and vintage echoes.

Lost-in-Heaven-Bottle-and-PackagingLost In Heaven is a sublime representation of the duality of the human soul, torn between the propensity for the highest ideals of purity, innocence and unconditional love, and the existential burden, which places us at the mercy of temptations, desires, transgressions and feelings of guilt.

An introspective and emotional Extrait de Parfum that unfolds and reveals its complex beauty upon contact with skin. Ambivalent from the first spray, Lost in Heaven opens through a intriguing combination of citrusy transparencies and warm spicy nuances. A tantalizing golden breath of cumin discloses the tender buds in the heart of the fragrance, a heart dominated by the evanescent purity of orange blossom absolute revived by the fresh vernal candor of magnolia, the exotic creaminess of ylang ylang and by a mesmerizing breath of jasmine. As an emblematic representation of human frailty, the immaculate bouquet yields to the sensual flattery of the spice, offering itself with the childlike sweetness of the mimosa and expanding into a dusty cloud of iris to harmonize an unstoppable motion of life. An incessant flow of gentle voices of white musks, heliotrope, tonka bean and fine woody notes intertwine with whispered temptations of amber, spices, resins and balms, permeating the intimate purity of the bouquet with a comforting human warmth. Nothing seems to affect the unpolluted throb of tenderness in which desire and innocence coexist, aspiring to live in order to get lost in heaven.

The notes: Grapefruit, Green Mandarin, Absolute Orange Blossom, Jasmine, Ylang Extra, Mimosa, Magnolia, Cumin, Cinnamon, Coriander, Ambergris, White Musks, Tonkin Musk Reconstruction, Castoreum, Beeswax, Iris butter, cistus absolute, opoponax, heliotrope, vetiver, sandalwood, patchouli and tonka bean.

Officially unveiled at the recent edition of Pitti Fragranze together with the dark, mysterious and gothic The Black Knight, Lost in Heaven is available in 30 ml spray Extrait de Parfum concentration. All fragrances of Francesca Bianchi Perfumes collection are exclusively available in selected niche perfumeries or directly from the Francesca’s website where both the fragrances and the discovery sets can be purchased (discovery sets to this link).




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