Lost In Heaven pc Credit Anthoscents

Lost in Heaven by Francesca Bianchi Perfumes

From the medley of virtues and drives that permeated his nature, he chose to surrender to the most delicate feeling: tenderness. He abandoned himself to it, perceiving its diffused and comforting warmth and the hopeful light that, like a torch, guided him beyond an existential limbo. Naked and vulnerable in his human awareness, suspended…


Labradorite #13 by Olivier Durbano, the sensual heart of a crystal universe

Divinity and magic are prisms through which we interpret mistery, so that even when we are convinced we are observing life from a completely rational perspective, a soupçon of one or the other remains, in a nuance, in a fleeting redolence, in the blinking of an eye. From the first spark of life…

Marchi profumieri Olivier Durbano Standard

Labradorite #13 by Olivier Durbano, il cuore sensuale di un universo di cristallo

Divinità e magia sono i prismi attraverso i quali interpretiamo il mistero e, quand’anche fossimo certi di osservare la vita da una prospettiva totalmente razionale, un pizzico dell’uno o dell’altro resta, in una sfumatura, in un fugace profumo, in un battito di ciglia. Dalla prima scintilla di vita nel grembo di madre…

Naias by Sammarco Perfumes

Naias by Giovanni Sammarco, the nymph with violet eyes

“A very beautiful woman hardly ever leaves a clear-cut impression of features and shape in the memory; usually there remains only an aura of living color.” (William Bolitho) Naias is the new fragrance created by Giovanni Sammarco, perfumer and independent nose, also founder and owner of the Swiss brand of selective…