Panthea Iris

Panthea Iris by Stéphane Humbert Lucas

What is the shape of love? Two poets, belonging to distant eras, answer the question through the expressive intensity of their art.
To the Persian poet Hakim Sanai life is a “Journey of the Heart’s Desire” and his “The book of everything” conveys the poet’s vision of an inner paradise blooming from the purest love.

Unable to discern the form of You, I see Your presence all around. Filling my eyes with the love of You, my heart is humbled, for You are everywhere” (The Walled Garden of Truth, Hakim Sanai, 1080-1131)

Panthea Iris Packaging AnthoscentsThe French artist Stéphane Humbert Lucas – perfumer, painter, photographer, musician and poet – outlines the shape of this feeling through a chromatic perception of the olfactory. The complex and multifaceted shades of Iris,  one of the most costly and precious raw materials on a perfumer’s palette, coalesce into the imaginary portrait of his Panthea, the Persian goddess of collection 777 by Stéphane Humbert Lucas, subliming its regal aura in an opalescent wake of heavenly elegance.

ph. credit Alex Wein - (Untitled - Siren #13)

ph. credit Alex Wein – (Untitled – Siren #13)

In the unceasing dialogue between feelings and art, the intangible leads to several complex interpretations. With patience, discipline and compositional skills, Stéphane Humbert Lucas establishes the presence of the mythological goddess in an “Everywhere” infused with oneiric beauty.

Panthea lives in a house above the clouds” and its exacly where the perfumer imagines his fragrance; in a place where a breath becomes a privileged vision, drawing both shape and colour from the slow fading of the initial notes.

Filtering through an immaculate aromatic mist of white tea, a shimmering dust of pink pepper, bergamot and mandarin announces the appearance of a mysthical presence.
Her silent, soft and regal essence condenses with caressing grace over the most precious and voluptuous flower. An Iris soul unfolds, charming and proud, suffused with changing reflections of violet, jasmine and tobacco flower.
Like a dreamlike vision set in the mirrored ocean of skies, her image takes shape, elusive as a Sylph, and that iris, softly nestled on the skin, defines both her sinuous aesthetics and ethereal beauty. Enlivened by a sweet whisper of tonka bean and by light oriental strokes of patchouli and sandalwood, iris butter seals the fragrant portrait of the goddess/muse. In its enfolding and intense caracter, Panthea Iris alternates dense and creamy nuances with sophisticated powdery shades. In its trail, pervaded by diaphanous musky drapes, hovers the sublime elegance of the mythological messenger, gardian the rainbow.

…”The fragrance of You hangs around and leads me on”, Sanai wrote in his millenary eulogy to Divinity, and a soft trail of sensuality and innocence lingers, elusive yet present like an echo defying distance. Because Panthea Iris has the enchanting power of a Siren: her voice is a perfume, her presence is in the intangible shape of feelings inspiring it.

Panthea Iris is available since July as a Limited Edition of 3000 pieces. The fragrances of Stéphane Humbert Lucas‘777 collection, are exclusively available in selected luxury stores and niche perfumeries.


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