Radikal Tuberose by Laurent Mazzone Parfums

Radikal Tuberose by Laurent Mazzone Parfums

Laurent Mazzone Parfums unveils a new surprising chapter of the Radikal Collection, the beautiful series of Extraits de Parfum dedicated to flowers. The protagonist of the latest sensorial hologram is an unrivaled diva, a fairy charmer, a night whisperer known for her  irresistible appeal: the Tuberose.

Radikal Tuberose aims to draw an unexpected portrait of one of the most sensual and controversial Stars of perfumery. As a sinful temptress, tuberose (Polianthes tuberosa) embodies the myth of the forbidden flower. Suffice to say that, during the Victorian era, its voluptuous scent was forbidden to young ladies, deemed too vulnerable to its aphrodisiac power.

Magnified by poets as an allegory of the rapture of love, the flower will never part from its role of oneiric charmer, in virtue of its very nature. The starry corollas only bloom after sunset to spread their intoxicating scent through the night.

The languid and provocative scent of Polianthes, imbued with an intense and obscure magnetism, inspires Radikal Tuberose.

radikal tuberose mood

In Laurent Mazzone’s interpretation, the tuberose blooms in all her refined elegance, reclaiming that charming crepuscular atmosphere that surrounds the beauty of the flower at its apogee. Like a last flicker of splendor preceding sunset, a fruity glow of Yuzu breaks through the dark green mantle of galbanum. A weave of sour, crisp, sweet and bitter shades draws an abstract perception of leaves and bark, wrapping the precious protagonist in a veil of mystery. A citrusy freshness sparkles over the fleshy buds, inviting the waxy and delicate corollas to unfold. Supported by diaphanous exotic hues of Jasmine, the Indian Tuberose reveals its sensual and creamy opulence. Subtle bitter, resinous, slightly spicy and earthy tones, accompany its glorious full bloom through a sensorial rendering that seems to delay the moment, so as to indulge it with voyeuristic pleasure. A delicately sweet and velvety caressing accord of peach sorbet illuminates the voluptuous bouquet, laying it on a bed of blond woods to freeze in time a flower at the height of its magnificence.

Radikal Tuberose, in 100 ml spray, Extrait de Parfum concentration, is available from the month of July in selected stores and niche perfumeries. Further details on Laurent Mazzone Parfums website.


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