Sheiduna, an oriental magic by Puredistance

Sheiduna is the new Parfum recently presented at Pitti Fragranze Salon by the prestigious Dutch Maison Puredistance.


Cécile Zarokian introducing Sheiduna (photo credit: Puredistance)

First Oriental fragrance of the collection, Sheiduna is the result of a collaboration between Jan Ewoud Vos, founder of Puredistance, and  Cécile Zarokian, a young and talented perfumer also creator of some of the most successful fragrances of the last decade. Her name joins, therefore, to the prestigious list of the great perfumers that have signed, each, the Puredistance creations. From Annie Buzantian (creator of I, presented in 2007, Antonia, of 2010, and Opardu, of 2012), and Roja Dove (creator of M, presented in 2010), and Antoine Lie (that has signed Black, of 2013, and White, of 2015).

The initial brief of the fragrance takes romantically shape through an extensive correspondence made of postcards, images and notes that, for over nine months, Jan Ewoud Vos has sent to Cécile, in order to strengthen the sensory perception of this Oriental muse. Like very small elements of a puzzle, all these fragments of suggestions finally came together, harmonizing the one with the other to give birth to the complex and sublime portrait of Sheiduna.


The fragrance pays homage to the majestic dunes of fine sand, lit of liquid gold in the hot hours and tinged in shades of bronze, orange and purple in the dreamy languor of a sunset. The seductive and mysterious aura of a charming landscape, on whose changeful face the wind blows incessant loudly calling its muse. The mysterious song of the dunes that since antiquity has kidnapped the imagination of adventurers and explorers, resonates with warm and sensual voice in a very elegant, intense and enveloping Parfum.

The name Sheiduna, having the same cadence of the word Seduction, has been inspired by the combination of She-Sheika-Dune. The protagonist of the fragrance is the Queen of the desert, masterfully interpreted by the most sensual Rose. An entourage of great notes of perfumery animate the interpretation making the scene intense and compelling from the very first spray.

puredistance-perfume-sheidunaA golden glow of mandarin, lemon, blackcurrant and aldehydes portrays the moment when the sun embraces the horizon. As sand lifted by wind, a whirl of warm spicy notes unveils the purple rose in the heart of the fragrance. Supported by geranium and enlivened by cloves, the precious Bulgarian rose blooms surrounded by a sumptuous wake of patchouli and tonka bean. The bright colors of a sunset slowly caress the soft sinuous shapes of the landscape, sealing the powerful magnetism of Sheiduna in a sensual accord of amber, musk and resins.

Sheiduna by Puredistance,  in Extrait de Parfum concentration (27%), will be available from end of October 2016 in few selected boutiques and on Puredistance web store, in three sizes of 17.5 ml, 60 ml. and 100 ml. and in a brand new purple-red suede envelope that recalls the colors of the bottle, conveying the caressing tactile sensation of the fragrance.

The notes: lemon, tangerin, aldehydes, clackurrant, Bulgarian Rose essence, geranium, cloves, vetyver, patchouli, ambergris, amber-woody accord, labdanum, benzoin, incense, myrrh, tonka bean absolute, vanilla absolute, musk accord.



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