Franck Boclet Marchi profumieri Standard

Ivory Collection, la rock’n’romance compilation (olfattiva) firmata Franck Boclet

Stelle predestinate. Lui e io ci siamo scontrati come due stelle predestinate e in quel brevissimo istante ho sentito cosa si prova ad essere immortali. (Lang Leav) Nella cultura orientale, l’incontro di due anime gemelle si perpetua nella leggenda del Filo Rosso del Destino. Un filo invisibile e sottile che lega due anime…


Éperdument, the ship of promised brides

It is not the crystalline light of the morning, nor the shrill voice of the seagulls or the roar of the sea waves that bursts into the rooms of her thoughts. It’s a charming and bright fragrance, nostalgic and familiar. Fragments of images in rapid sequence on memories that resurface…


Henry Jacques, a tale of love and perfume

Henry Jacques Parfums  is one of the most prestigious and exclusive brands of the French high perfumery. The name Henry Jacques is surrounded by an aura of charm, romanticism and discretion. It’s the story of a passion, sincere and pure, accompanying a man throughout his life, so intense as to…


Roja Dove: A Goodnight Kiss, a gesture of love

How else could I convey the magic of a perfume if not introducing its description as if it were a fairy tale? A foundamental episode that is just the beginning of a story because its evolution is still being written, and although the imagination can suggest new chapters and new developments, the best ending will undoubtedly…


Profumi d’Amore by Roja Dove

Profumi d’Amore is the new perfume collection of the prestigious Maison Roja Parfums. Three beautiful perfumes inspired to love in its most romantic, passionate, sensual, unforgettable expression. An olfactory representation that describes three different chapters of a love story: the beginning of a relation, the attraction and courtship in Amore Mio; a love declaration,…