Artimitia by Onyrico, a flower in the mirror

Light reflections scratching the shadow, a play of mirrors and recurring themes, vibrant, sharp and whispered, that caress and resound like a melody trapped in a crystal prism.

Artimitia edp pack

(ph. credit Onyrico)

Onyrico, the prestigious brand of artistic perfumery transposing into notes the story of the “italian dream” and of  the figures that which have made the historical and cultural heritage of Italy great, presents ARTIMITIA, the nineth fragrance of the collection, a tribute to the charismatic painter Artemisia Gentileschi and to her famous “Self-portrait as the Allegory of Painting“.

First female painter of 17th century Baroque, Artemisia succeeded in asserting herself, her independence and her talent in a historical context during which art was a masculine prerogative. Her temperament and her courage allowed her to emerge from prejudice, strong of a passion and a creative energy that made her a symbol of female emancipation.

Artimitia inspiration

Autoritratto come allegoria della pittura, Artemisia Gentileschi 1638-39

The painter portrayed her heroines, women and martyrs, in a process of identification that allowed her to give her characters a sublime gestural and expressive eloquence.

Artemisia, volitive chin, full lips, chubby and rosy cheeks, enthralled gaze, almost nostalgic, while she examines the contours of a reflected image that escapes the emptiness of a time that does not belong to her. Art overcomes the obviousness and, although the note of artemisia is listed on the perfumer’s palette, the protagonist of the olfactory painting wanted by Emilia, creative director of Onyrico, it is not the plant from which absinthe is distilled but an ethereal and sensual flower which becomes an allegory of the emotion and the rapture that we perceive on the face of the Artist in the famous self-portrait. (for whose realization the painter is supposed to have arranged 2 or 3 mirrors around her).

Artimitia is an intensely poetic fragrance signed by the independent nose Maurizio Cerizza. The Italian perfumer focuses on the artist’s painting technique, capturing her soul on an olfactory canvas rich in contrasts and chiaroscuro and which, like the famous Autoritratto by Artemisia Gentileschi, takes shape from a reflection of lights over three ginger mirrors.

Each element aims to enhance and confer three-dimensionality to the main subject: the champaca, an exotic flower of the family of magnoliacee whose precious absolute recalls the intoxicating scent of orange blossom married to the fruity creaminess of ylang ylang, brightened by vegetal and transparent shades of magnolia, and woody, spicy and aromatic nuances.

Artimitia extrait de parfum

(ph. credit Onyrico)

Cerizza composes an imaginary canvas of woods and white musks, tinging it with warm and soft nuances of caramel, candied ginger, vanilla and amber to evoke the sensuality of the Artist, of which history celebrates the feminine beauty. On the irresistibly gourmand background, the champaca absolute catalyzes attention, diluting the sweetness of the jus to make it caressing, hypnotic, soft and enveloping. The pallor of Artemisia’s complexion and her sinous and harmonious shapes are enhanced by orange blossom absolute and by the spicy and luminous tones of ginger that confer the fragrance’s heart a veil of dusty sweetness. A last touch of light completes the olfactive portrait as the perfumer dips his brush in the sparkling vivacity of the ginger fresh mixed with a joyful nectar of mandarin whose honeyed and citrusy tones outline one by one the fleshy petals of a flower in the mirror, that same mirror that returned to Artemisia those graceful features that the patina of time has not been able to impair.

Artimitia is presented in a black 100 ml spray flacon surmounted by a precious cap in green onyx whose orange veins recall the colours of the famous self-portrait. An Extrait de Parfum (28%) concentration enhances the persistence of a fragrance that envelops the skin in a veil of sweetness, elegance and charm.

Onyrico creations are esclusively available in selected niche perfumeries and are distributed worldwide by  Niche and Co SA.


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