Cavour 1 by Xerjoff

Cavour1 by Xerjoff, a gateway to the stars

Cavour1 is the exclusive fragrance named after Xerjoff‘s Turin flagship store that celebrated its first anniversary at the Via Cavour 1 last November 29.

Following on the previous openings in Dubai, in 2010, London, in 2014, and Moscow, in 2017, Xerjoff has recently inaugurated an online boutique, a doorway into the bright realm of a Made in Italy luxury perfumery that has seduced the world*.

This project saw the light thanks to the creative genius of the Italian designer Sergio Momo, founder of Xerjoff and art director of a perfume brand that pays homage to the beauty of the universe through genuine olfactory works of art. For over a decade, Xerjoff has illuminated the firmament of high perfumery, been awarded the most prestigious international prizes, been written about in the pages of glossy magazines and been showered with praise by fragrance connoisseurs and collectors.

Linked by a common denominator of charm, elegance and uniqueness, Xerjoff collections differ in style and preciousness, remaining, however, strictly based on the highest standards of design and quality.

Cavour 1 package

Cavour 1 package and certified Shooting Star fragment (ph. credit Anthoscents)

As fragrant fragment of the Shooting Stars Collection, Cavour1 carriers the purple and gold of the brand logo in its soul.

The bewitching Eau de Parfum reverberates with golden nuances through the transparency of a crystal flacon. It is a sensory delight that reveals itself from the joyous fruity glow of white peach and quince dripping like dense tears of ambrosia over precious roses from Morocco and Oman. The poetic allure of the voluptuous petals is tinged with the warm oriental swirls of patchouli and dustying bitter cocoa enlivened by the fleeting tang of red berries. Like incandescent sparks of a meteorite, the heart of the fragrance is nestled in the caressing sweetness of caramel and Madagascan vanilla and finds its completeness in the gold of the sea and the earth, amber and oud, fulcrum of a compositional excellence that draws from the most precious raw materials on the perfumer’s palette. A metallic sparkle of musks preserves the trace of that passage through the celestial vault suffusing it with the seraphic magnetism of the Cashmeran to wrap the senses in the cosmic spiral of the Milky Way.

Cavour1 is a unisex fragrance, a new bright addition to Shooting Stars Collection and magnificent ambassador of Xerjoff Universe of which it conveys the opulence and the magnetism. A fabulous Eau de Parfum that gathers the gold of the four elements, melting them with sublime grace, to frame a “gateway to the stars” in an aura of auhentic splendor.

Cavour1 is exclusively available at Xerjoff Turin boutique – Via Cavour 1 – in 50 ml spray, retail price € 197.

(*) the brand is currently present in 57 countries, more details on Xerjoff website.



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