Hysteric by Laurent Mazzone Parfums

“Night is a shield when the shape of a heart
Desires the armor of sin
Black grows the rose in a valley of dark
Gold, so hysteric within”
(Laurent Mazzone)

hysteric package

(ph.credit Anthoscents)

The night of winter solstice wraps the festive euphoria of the long hours of obscurity and Laurent Mazzone, alchemist of darkness, celebrates its magical and surreal atmosphere through the intoxicating sensuality of Hysteric. A new fragrant spell transposed by an oriental gourmand composition that the eclectic French parfumeur, founder and owner of Laurent Mazzone Parfums, dedicates to the most blazing and unbridled sensorial pleasure.

“Amaze, overwhelm and seduce” has become his motto, sculpted amid fragrant pyramids, engraved on the gold finish of the perfume bottle and on the total-black lacquering of an heavy wooden and velvet casket. A motto that, although not traced in conventional language, is reflected by the extreme refinement of details. Hysteric inaugurates a new jewel packaging, carefully conceived to preserve a precious fragrance that ignites the coldest hours with warm nuances, challenging them with solemn and regal gait.

Hysteric Bottle

(ph.credit Anthoscents)

An invitation to explore, to dive into the ancestral magnetism of a starry night of Mandarine and Bergamot, where citruses light up the dark vault of the sky and aromatic-spicy shades of cardamom frame a still and solemn lunar sphere. A transparent glow that outlines the shapes of two lovers, masters of the silent hour. Protected in the heart of the fragrance, a King and a Queen, protagonists, since ever, of the magic of perfume: rose and jasmine. But of that queen, acclaimed for mystical elegance and poetic grace, Mazzone unveils the most enticing and sensual profile, imbuing its essence with lustful promises of jasmine and intoxicating drops of Whiskey. A black, magnetic and voluptuous rose that surrenders to the creaminess of a tiramisu accord that enhances its sweetness. While the long night of the solstice hides the secret of a passionate embrace, intense toasted vapors of coffee flow like an exciting sap on that bed carved into the dusty delight of the bitter cocoa and the hypnotic oriental refinement of the patchouli. An amber sigh flows through the skin like the warm breath that precedes the kiss and the feverish desire that pursues the caress, exalting each element in an indistinct and complete whole.

Laurent Mazzone Parfums are available in selected stores and perfumeries. Hysteric in 100 ml size, Extrait de Parfum concentration, is part of the Gold Label Collection, which includes the creations Sensual & Decadent and Veleno Doré (retail price € 395 each).




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