Kintsugi Masque Milano

KINTSUGI by Masque Milano, a “nouveau chypre” with a golden aura

“Fill your scars with gold, so to strengthen the art of living”

Spring has finally sprung and Masque Milano, perfume excellence founded by Alessandro Brun and Riccardo Tedeschi, celebrates its vigor with KINTSUGI, a new fragrance composed by perfumer Vanina Muracciole.  

Each of Masque Milano’s fragrances comes to life from a precise script and, like a theatrical work, enriches the plot of a collection divided into acts and scenes. The intense narration flows through the daring combination of precious raw materials and is entrusted to the interpretation of different noses, rising stars of international perfumery. Free to express their creativity, each parfumeur imparts to the composition their own peculiar signature, diversifying the fragrant portfolio of the brand.

Kintsugi Masque MilanoKINTSUGI, act II scene IV, proposes a wonderful metaphor of resilience and transformation. The fragrance is inspired by an ancient Japanese technique: the Kin (gold) Tsugi (rejoin), which consists in repairing a broken ceramic with a special urushi lacquer mixed with gold dust. The craftsman pieces the pottery back together and fills any cracks with the most precious metal, enhancing its scars and imperfect beauty. The art of Kintsugi conveys the symbolic concept of embracing damage, proudly exhibiting wounds and drawing lessons from them to repair life.

Assisted by fragrance expert and perfume historian Ermano Picco, evaluator of the brand, the creative team of Masque Milano undertakes a reinterpretation of the classic chypre accord, whose intense charm is recreated by replacing oak moss with a savoury amber accord.
Bergamot imparts a slightly sour and bitter start to the fragrance, conspiring with the salty amber contrast to enhance the lush freshness of magnolia and crystalizing its diaphanous crispness over the perception of a precious fine-grained pottery. Nuanced in the rich voluptuous floral sweetness of Centifolia Rose and enlivened by the metallic transparency of violet leaves, the sinuous fleshiness of the petals sinks in a velvety accord of golden suede which gives the heart of Kintsugi a caressing sensuality and an irresistible softness. Like a potter reassembling the pieces of a broken heirloom, the complex and varied aroma of raspberry Leaves (herbaceous, fruity, leathery, resinous with nuances of tea and hay) allows the individual parts to match into a renewed entirety. The glue used by the parfumeur Vanina Muracciole is the purest and most elegant fraction of patchouli, a patchouli coeur that, purged of its camphorous and musty facets, marries the balsamic, dense sweetness of benzoin melted in the gourmand gold of vanilla absolute. The base accord flows velvety and rich, filling the joints of the fragrance and restoring the timeless magnetism of a “nouveau chypre” crossed with lively golden veins.

The notes:
Bergamot, China Magnolia, Savoury Amber
Golden suede, Centifolia Rose de May abs, Violet Leaves abs
Benzoin from Siam, Raspberry Leaves abs, Vanilla abs, Patchouli Coeur

Kintsugi Masque Milano

Performance di restauro Kintsugi del ceramista Elio Cristiani per Masque Milano ( Anthoscents)

The presentation to the press of the fragrance, which took place on April 17 in the elegant setting of the Hemeras Boutique House in Via Borgonuovo 12 in Milan, hosted a special performance by the ceramist Elio Cristiani who performed a magnificent example of the Kintsugi restoration.

KINTSUGI Eau de Parfum, in 35 ml spray, will be available in selected boutiques or from Masque Milano Online Boutique from June 2019.




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