Niral by Neela Vermeire Creations

Niral, a silk caress by Neela Vermeire Créations

“..his life fell like rain before his eyes, a quiet spectacle” (Silk, Alessandro Baricco)


Niral Eau de Parfum ( Anthoscents)

A thin rain of golden drops embroiders in silk thread the story of NIRAL (quiet, calm, peaceful, serene, in Sanskrit), the seventh fragrance of Neela Vermeire Créations collection presented this year at Esxence, i.e. the exhibition that annually brings together the excellence of artistic and niche perfumery in Milan, on its 10th edition.

Like all the previous fragrances of the collection, NIRAL stems from a collaboration between Neela Vermeire, artistic director and owner of the brand, and Bertrand Duchaufour, independent nose and world-renowned master perfumer.

The fragrance pays homage to Sir. Thomas Wardle (1831-1909), industrial printer, dyer and expert sericultor of British origin whose contribution was fundamental for the development of the silk trade from Bengal and Kashmir to Europe, and to textile artists of his generation who influenced Tussar silk manufacturing industry.

Far beyond the olfactory representation of the precious fabric with which the Sari are made, NIRAL translates into a complex sensorial experience. If the plot is a socio-cultural context, the warp is a meticulous research of olfactory notes able to give life to a thick and iridescent fabric in which each element explores the tactile, visual and structural dimension of the material component.


Tussar-Silk (source-Wikipedia)

It is known that Tussar silk, with its thick and resistant structure and the warm golden hue by which it occurs in its raw form, needs to breathe in order to preserve intact its beauty and fragrance’s breath is one of Duchafour’s compositional principles.

Evoking the golden color of the yarn, the fragrance opens through the subtle perlage of a Champagne accord enlivened by a touch of aldehydes to which the green, floral and slightly spicy freshness of angelica provides a crystalline transparence. A fleeting twinkle and, soon, an iris body takes shape, emphasized in the aromatic and balsamic aspect by a warm note of Darjeeling Tea, whose floral, musky and slightly tannic profile enhances the champagne accord. Cedar marks its presence from base notes, giving strength and structure to iris that blooms amid soft and fleshy rose petals enriched by a hint of cardamom. An aquatic and opalescent touch of magnolia and jasmine enhances the iridescent lightness of the bouquet that envelops the skin, becoming one with it. Gentle and refined, the leather accord, softened by sandalwood creaminess and the vegetal, musky and woody sweetness of the ambrette seeds, translates into a suede effect, where delicate and vague animalic shades enhance the sensuality of the fabric. Illusion and perception come together and a silvery thread, thinner than the silk itself, embroiders the last, elaborate ornament of that Sari sewn on the skin; it could be a mineral touch of incense or maybe just the evocative power of that sensory journey that leads back to the olfactory signature of Bertrand Duchaufour.

Beauty never fully reveals itself, this is the mystery that nourishes it, cradles it and protects it in a golden cocoon in which the chrysalis dreams of spreading butterfly wings.


Niral-Packaging ( Anthoscents)

NIRAL, in Eau de Parfum concentration, 60 ml spray comes in a redesigned packaging. The refined flacon designed by Pierre Dinand for Neela Vermeire becomes even more precious in its crystal flacon shaded from purple to champagne to hold a new wonderful fragrance that shines with elegance and persistance, setting itself in a collection of precious olfactory gems.

Interpretation of the fragrance is obviously my own and arises from a dialogue between perfume and my skin, I therefore list here below official notes: Angelica, Champagne accord, Iris, Tea, Rose, Magnolia, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Leather accord.

You are kindly invited to explore all fragrances of the collection from  Neela Vermeire Créations web site where, in addition to the charming history of the brand and its creations, it is possible to access the online boutique and a selected list of dealership perfumeries.





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