Paloma y Raíces by Homoelegans, a scent of freedom

“…there are no canons or regular beauty, external harmonies, but thunders and devastating storms that lead to enlighten a flower, hidden, of a poignant beauty” (Frida Kahlo)

Francis Bacon, Thomas Mann, Frida Kahlo… Complex, tormented, passionate and strong-willed figures that, thanks to their choices, their personality and creativity, have been able to inspire and influence the evolutionary process of humanity towards a broader and more authentic concept of beauty. Their art made them immortal, HOMOELEGANS, emerging brand of artistic perfumery founded by Maurizio Piazzi and Francesco Gini, transcribes their essence into three unusual, enthralling, and convincing olfactory portraits.


Homoelegans Perfume Collection
( Homoelegans)

An avant-garde concept of perfumery where the best natural raw materials take on the role of protagonists and characters of a new figurative art. A complex and multi-faceted sensory universe based on original accords that, in their slow and surprising evolution, give rise to intriguing, magnetic and absolutely unique compositions. Completely free from traditional olfactory canons, HOMOELEGANS‘s fragrances break the patterns, exploring a new way of conceiving the scent, wearing art in its living form, liquid memory of emotional vibrations that only nature can preserve and recreate.

In 2015, the brand debuts in the world of artistic fragrance with QUALITY OF FLESH,Inspired by the painter Francis Bacon with an olfactory portrait depicting his visceral art and its dissoluteness, and TADZIO, a tribute to the unripe sensuality and the aesthetic ideal of the character created by Thomas Mann in Death in Venice.


Paloma y Raices by Homoelegans
( Homoelegans)

On the occasion of the Milan kermesse of Esxence, at its ninth edition, HOMOELEGANS presented the third fragrance of the collection: PALOMA Y RAÍCES, dedicated to Mexican painter Frida Kahlo.

On a canvas of fleshy, sensual and enveloping petals, Homoelegans Portrays the passionate, transgressive and fascinating personality of a woman, an artist and an intellectual, who has been able to translate into art her physical and moral suffering. Frida, who became an icon of female emancipation at a time when art was a prerogative of the men and that from the infinite scars of her body and soul deployed dove wings, subverting conventions in the name of an ideal of freedom and celebrating with every breath the rooted attachment to her country and to life.
Paloma y Raíces is a floral and balsamic fragrance, whose bright, intense and seductive soul reveals through a fresh and vibrant breath of vegetal notes and mint illuminated by a juicy nectar of Mamey and grapefruit.  Among dense and languid brush strokes of colour, the caramelized note of tobacco outlines a sensual bouquet of tuberose and ylang ylang that blooms creamy and inebriating, infused with the stimulating aroma of coffee. It’s like a passionate and sustained song which urges the soul and pushes it to dance, hovering in a warm whirlwind of Fava Tonka, Tulu Balsam and Peru Balm woven into a caressing gourmand touch of amber vanilla.

The fragrances of HOMOELEGANS collection, in 50 ml Eau de Parfum, can be purchased directly from the web site of the brand and in selected perfumeries.


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