Panthea by Stéphane Humbert Lucas 777

Parading across the clouds
A phoenix has risen
Nuances in her shine
Through the shadows wreak
Havoc in your mind, peace in your heart
Evanescence and illusion blend in dove’s purity
A woman of mystery…
(Panthea – Stéphane Humbert Lucas)


( Anthoscents)

Panthea is a new fragrance of niche brand Stephane Humbert Lucas 777. A charming collection in which opulence and sensuality of Middle-Eastern fragrance culture blends with the refinement of French perfumery to tell the infinite nuances of emotions and feelings that the synesthetic artist Stéphane Humbert Lucas trasforms into fragrant paintings and poems.


In Greco-Roman period, Isis’ worship crossed the borders of Egypt and spread throughout most of the territories that gravitated over the Mediterranean area. The great Goddess was assimilated to other gods and was venereted with so many names: Cibele, Demetra, Cerere, Atargatis, Selene, Afrodite, Hera, Tyche, Nemesi… From sacred ceremonies to magical rituals, from sidereal space to the underworld, her protective wing extended to wherever human imagination came and she was called Panthea, the Goddess of all things.

Stephane Humbert Lucas portrays Panthea on the ether’s transparent canvas,  defined by Aristotle as the quinta essentia of celestial dimension, giving birth to a pearlescent, pure, mystical and refined fragrance.

Panthea Eau de Parfum Haute Concentration

( Anthoscents)

A sparkling, aromatic and fruity accord of white tea, bergamot and tangerine, enriched by spicy hints of pink pepper and elemi, slits ether like a beam of light. The verdant and acquatic clearness of violet leaf confers an aura of transparent purity to the precious absolutes of indian jasmine and Arabian jasmine (Sambac), which gently linger on an iris soul, supported by the vegetal sweetness of carrot.
The soft powdery facets of iris, supported by delicate spicy nuances of white carnation and by orange blossom absolute, melt with the refined elegance of tobacco leaf and the smooth creaminess of Mysore sandalwood, turning the rich bouquet into a mantle of white feathers. Surrounded by the diaphanous scent of milky petals, Panthea reveals its heavenly presence among mystical spirals of tonka bean and white patchouli, conveying the intangible caress of a noble and pure entity that crosses the boundary between reality and illusion on opalescent clouds of white musk.

The fragrances of Stephane Humbert Lucas 777 collection, in 50 ml spray Eau de Parfum concentration can be found in selected niche perfumeries and luxury stores.


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