The immortal charm of Warszawa by Puredistance

There’s no life that couldn’t be immortal if only for a moment (Wislawa Szymborska, 1923 – 2012)


Warszawa sample pack (ph. credit Anthoscents)

Puredistance is an independent perfume house whose motto has always been “Small is beautiful”, related to a concept of true exclusivity and a highly selective distribution. Founded in 2007, today the brand is present in 35 countries and in about 100 niche perfumeries with a collection of fragrances celebrated for the extreme refinement of the compositions that reflect the ideal of a classical beauty and of a timeless charm.
The greatest contemporary master perfumers are asked to translate into notes a vision that, in a breath, transforms ephemerality into magnificence. The best raw materials shine in purity and elegance through eight perfume extraits, whose concentration may vary from 25 to 38% in precious oils.


Jan Ewoud Vos (ph. credit Puredistance)

Puredistance’s latest creation is Warszawa. Released in 2016, Warszawa is a tribute to a city but also to a special friendship developed between Jan Ewoud Vos and the Missala family, owner of Quality Missala perfumery, exclusive retailer of Puredistance creations in Poland, who, from november 2016 until today, has held the exclusive sales of the fragrance.

For Jan Ewoud Vos, photographer and creator of the brand, it’s about capturing an image and making it vibrant and vivid, infusing it with feelings and depht. A melody resonates in his memory and, slowly, an inspiration takes shape, amid the notes of Warszawa by David Bowie in which the deep and solemn sound of the instrumental part accompanies a few verses in an imaginary language, almost to attest that there are no words able to describe a sentiment, but personal codes to which each of us gives a particular meaning.

Antoine Lie, master perfumer author of this charming composition, is guided both by the suggestions and the images captured by Mr. Vos, while Chopin’s Nocturne no.20 accompanies his personal touch, adding to the noblest raw materials an intense romantic appeal.


(ph.credit Puredistance)

What arises is a portrait in bright colors evoking the golden sumptuosness of the Warsaw of old, which still echoes thruogh the beauty of the palaces rebuilt after the devastation of a war. Next to them, the lush green of an eternal spring and the bright, intoxicating, enveloping  heart that lingers for hours through the elegant trail of a chypre floral fragrance.

Warszawa, dreamy vision of an immortal charme, opens through a emerald green accord of galbanum softened by the aqueous and tenderly nostalgic shade of violet leaf. A fruity note of grapefruit caresses the heart of the fragrance, holding, for a moment, the gentle flow of Jasmine and broom absolutes. Almost to replicate the soft and delicate candor of a female skin, orris butter adds creamyness to the bouquet. Its wake becomes warm, romantic, rich and refined, while it slowly unveils a solid base of patchouli, vetiver and styrax.

On the skin, the seductive floral elegance of Warszawa leads us through an intense sensorial experience thanks to a 25% perfume extrait concentration. The fragrance will be available in selected boutiques and perfumeries from this month, in 17,5 ml, 60 ml and 100 ml sizes.


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