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Radikal, the chant of flowers by Laurent Mazzone Parfums

He cultivated a vision in the half-light of a dream, sprinkling it with passion and poetry, then one day he planted the seed of music and three flowers came to life.

The Radikal Line rises from a cooperation between Laurent Mazzone, author and art director of a perfume excellence renowned worldwide, and Mattias Lindblom, voice and leader of the Swedish band Vacuum. Two eclectic and charismatic artists destined to meet eachother in a magnificent multisensorial project that finds its trait d’union in music, first of all, but also in a mutual poetic, spiritual and philosophical perception of an art that knows no limits or borders but, on the contrary, gets enriched by new and original contaminations to flow towards an unprecedented alchemical revolution.

Radikal Pack and QR codeThree Extrait de Parfum kept in the minimal graphics of a black prism marked with the burning red color of passion, because what feeds the onyric and visionary projection of a common artistic path is exactly a deep inward passion that diffuses through sound and breath. A fragrant chant written in notes over a penthagram of olfactory emotions, sealed by the verses of HOME – Poème Boheme, a love song composed by Mattias Lindblom and dedicated to the new trilogy of Laurent Mazzone Parfums, which becomes one with the Radikal Collection and which can be downloaded – for free – exclusively by the owners of Radikal Lotus, Radikal Water Lily and Radikal Iris thanks to a QR code enclosed in each fragrance.

Radikal LotusRadikal Lotus, the beginning of everything, a symbol of eternity, of sacred and divine. Like the lotus renewing its candor each new day by emerging from water to then retire in that primordial embrace at sunset, the precious jus traces the perpetual movement of the flower through a burst of pink petals enlivened by a delicate spicy hint to then plunge in the deep magnetism of a rich oriental accord. The radiant incipit of guava, pink fresia and saffron unfolds over a bouquet of rose (absolue), pink lotus and indian jasmin, leading the senses towards the intoxicating dance of base notes where patchouli and vanilla pods sink their roots in the magic of black amber.

Radikal Water LilyRadikal Water Lily is inspired by the irresistible charm of the Nymphaea, a symbol of purity and rebirth. The perfect graphic simmetry of the flower hatches over shimmering corollas of lemon peel, cassis and pink fresia, a vibrant prelude to a poetic and fluffy bouquet of peony, cyclaminen and Jasmine, filigree of petals reflected over an aquatic veil. The enchanting, yet intense, floral heart leans on a refined woody accord where the silkiness of the Indian sandalwood softly refracts the whiteness of the petals wavering on a whisp of dry amber.

Radikal Iris

Enveloping and nostalgic, infused with that gothic romanticism that distinguishes the Mazzonian’ style, Radikal Iris celebrates the indissoluble bond between heaven and earth transmuting the odorous soul of the precious rhizome into a liquid poem. Straight from top notes, iris butter is the protagonist of a fragrance that enhances its creamy texture and its complex floral, woody, earthy and balsamic facets. Interpreted through a masterful chiaroscuro, the iris sprouts from the harmonious interweaving of green and aromatic notes of bergamot, pink pepper and galbanum to rise from the earthy embrace towards the lunar glow of iridescent and transparent petals shaded in the mysterious and dark tones of cedarwood and patchouli. Enlivened by warm amber reflections, the refined sensuality of the purple flower shines with an ultraterrene beauty among musky and balsamic shades sealing its unmistakable charm.

The fragrances of Radikal Line are available in 100 ml. spray Extrait de Parfum concentration. You are kindly invited to visit LM Parfums website to discover the inspirations, the news and all the creations by Laurent Mazzone Parfums.




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