Splendiris by Dusita Parfums, leafing through the pages of a dream

Once upon a time there was a man, a craftsman of gentle words, who used to travel the world embracing with his heart every fragment of life. In the evening, he sat in front of an open window, waiting for darkness to wrap existence of stars and hopes. In those magical and silent moments of shadows dancing by the candlelight, inspiration distilled emotions and memories pouring their poetry on immaculate pages.

I write by the candlelight in a night wrapped by many layers of dreams” (Montri Umavijani, 1941-2006).

Pissara Umavijani pays tribute to Montri Umavijani, her father and one of Thailand’s greatest contemporary poets, spreading the beauty of his work through Parfums Dusita’ collection.

Splendiris Parfums Dusita

(ph.credit Parfums Dusita)

Splendiris, the eighth creation of Pissara, portrays the cosy and languid sensation of those moments kept amid the pages of a dream. A fragrance in whose heart the passion of a whole life resides, surrounded by infinite layers of tenderness.

The golden splendour of the flame radiates from fruity brushstrokes of blood orange shaded in the honeyed sweetness of mandarin from Capua and in the aromatic yellow of the Calabrian bergamot. Like memories awakened over the surreal beauty of an idyllic garden, a luminescent dew of Indian jasmine permeates the verdant transparency of violet leaves and fig leaves wrapping a nostalgic and romantic bouquet of iris, violet and May rose  in an ethereal moon glow. The vernal exuberance of the violet outlines the fluffy and sinuous shape of an iris in full bloom to which the carrot seeds convey a rooty and sweetly herbaceous touch, reinforcing its vegetal freshness. Grazed by a gourmand blow of vanilla, the creaminess of the rhizome slowly slides towards an earthy base of Haitian vetiver and cedar wood, without, however, indulging in the conventional powdery aspect of iris but, rather, enhancing its languid sensuality. The whispered, voluptuous and vaguely animalic embrace of ambergris comes as a caress, making the abstract perfection of a dream almost tangible. What lingers is the charming feeling of a flower portrayed on the evanescent vault of an indigo colored sky. Splendiris.

“It’s true that man should not give in to the dream; but without it, what is life?” (Montri Umavijani)

The official launch of Splendiris will take place on Aprile 18th at Parfums Dusita’ boutique (11 Rue de la Sourdière, Paris). The fragrance will be available by the beginning of May in selected perfumeries or on the OLINE SHOP of Parfums Dusita.



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