Perverso Baruti Anthoscents

Perverso by Baruti Perfumes, skin deep perdition

Undeniable, unfathomable, a subtle trace of perversion dwells in every form of desire, especially if unspoken or unfulfilled.

Yet the sense of smell, the most ancestral and ineluctable of senses, first tickles that primordial state of tension or propensity to pure enjoyment in which Sigmund Freud identified the impulsion (not necessarily burdened by negative connotations) to perversion. Widely debated by psychologists, sociologists and writers of every era, the term “perverse” finds its origin in a sense or in distorted human behaviour (perversum) compared with social norms.

PERVERSO is also the name of the wonderful new fragrance by Baruti Perfumes. An Extrait de Parfum in which Spyros Drosopoulos, the Greek-Dutch perfumer, graduate in psychology and founder of Baruti, distills the ineluctable trace of a sublime abandonment to the most intense pleasure freed from any sense of guilt.

“PERVERSO is for those moments when you just can’t help but succumb to your most primitive desires” (Baruti)

A recipe for perdition in whose formula, as a matrix of desire, converge the most stimulating and sensual raw materials, an olfactory reading of vice and impulses sublimated over the skin.

Perverso Baruti Extrait de ParfumIntoxicating from the first breath, PERVERSO unfolds among aromatic drops of Rum shaded by powdery touches of bitter cocoa. As an invitation to lift the first veil that inhibits the bastion of prudery, the languid and dense guise of caramel gently flows. The inebriating start slowly dissolves among honeyed swirls of tobacco and crisp vapors of roasted nuts. A pleasure that from the nostrils lingers over the palate, softly gourmand without exceeding in dull sweetness but, rather, proposing itself as an invitation to taste the most refined expectations. And there a note of fig unbinds the last resistance of that daring provocation between vaguely fruity and more milky hints to support and fix the animalic trace of musk woven into thin balsamic, metallic and spicy streaks of styrax. The notes dance over smoky accents and heady aromatic breaths, warming on the skin to exalt and almost delay the liquid lust of ambergris. The enticing warmth of tobacco and nuts remains, melting into an irresistible savoury, leathery and woody seam that becomes more and more soft and dusty, solidifying like ecstasy crystals in a choral ambery effusion that, between delight and enchantment, celebrates an ultimate sensory enjoyment.

PERVERSO is exclusively available in selected perfumeris or from Baruti Perfumes web site to this LINK.

Perverso by Baruti Perfumes will be officially presented during Esxence The Scent of Excellence, the international fair dedicated to niche and artistic perfumery, that will take place in Milan from 25 to 29 April 2019.






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