White flowers : 10 beautiful tuberoses

Tuberose, a flower that dominates and surprises. Contradictory in some ways, narcotic and carnal, creamy and clean, undoubtedly a flower that dominates the whiteness of each bouquet. It‘s amazing how quickly our tastes can change: I have always refused the note of tuberose because intoxicated me, stunned me and, despite its undisputed elegance, its lyrical voice and his brazen pomposity jumping off each composition was excessively stately .. I changed my mind then!!! Therefore, I do apologize for my mistake and honor 10 beautiful tuberoses, starting from my last purchase for which I am madly in love :

nd.30819SEDBURY by Parfums de Marly : An infinite and enveloping tenderness. In the top notes orange and bergamot marry Lavender and Clary Sage tinged in notes of Tuberose, Jasmine and Iris reverberate a pale peach color. A muffled and languid base, so intimate and sensual, with Amber, Vanilla, Patchouli, Vetiver and benzoin.

nd.1024CARNAL FLOWER by Frederic Malle: A tuberose that becomes a forbidden flower, an absolute and disruptive femininity, a dominance of and fleshy languid white flowers with the milky innocent touch of coconut and the sensuality of Ylang Ylang. An elixir distilled in seduction. A little respite between the lines in the notes Eucalyptus, Bergamot and melon that shine on a rain of Tuberose, Orange Blossom, Jasmine and Ylang Ylang whose creaminess is emphasized by a note of coconut.

o.6501DO SON by Diptyque : Absolutely Flowers! But of such a brightness and transparency that make the jus perfectly suitable for warm seasons with notes of Orange Blossom, African Rose, Iris on a heart of tuberose and pink pepper and a base that seduces with notes of Musk and benzoin.

nd.16303FRACAS by Robert Piguet has become a legendary perfume thanks to its elegance, its completeness, the splendor of a bouquet where tuberose walks on a red carpet adorned with many precious gems. But due to the hot season, my attention is captured by its younger sister, Petit Fracas, where the exuberance of the white flower has been joyfully dipped in a sorbet of bergamot, orange, mandarin and abundant Pear nectar. In a perfect harmony with the notes of Gardenia and Jasmine that make the composition slightly more carefree and frivolous, on a base of musks, sandalwood and cocoa beans.

nd.2785SUNDANCE by Memo: a tuberose speaking with exotic accents. The initial composition with Pear notes and citrus blends in a bouquet of Tuberose, Tiare, Iris and Chilli on a base of Sandalwood, Musk and Tonka Bean. The fragrance is announced with a caramel sweetness that fades gradually over a solar floral Oriental bouquet.

nd.1268LA CHASSE AUX PAPILLONS by L’Artisan Parfumeur : a bouquet of white flowers, a cascade of fluffy and brilliant petals, a fragrance that expresses cheerfulness and joy of life. The initial agreement carries the cool breeze of Lime flower that adds a green hint to the heart composition of tuberose, jasmine, orange flower, peony and Gardenia.

nd.4319BEYOND LOVE by Kilian : … because, beyond romanticism, love charms, seduces and witches. Only a touch of green notes to enhance the captivating composition of Tuberose, Jasmine and Amber who equipoise the innocent and white sorbet of Musk and Coconut. A femininity that captivates without being shameless or aggressive.

nd.23220TUBEROSA by Miller Harris : An indolic note introducing the Tuberose with an explosive intensity, giving it an Animalic hint, then slightly softening its predominance in the delicacy of Sambac Jasmine and orange blossom on a background of white musks and benzoin of Siam.

nd.27414EKSTASIS by Re Profumo : For those who dare without hesitation. An intense and sensual, warm and exuberant, Mediterranean and tenacious perfume. From the top juice of  Myrtle and Bergamot to an explosive heart of tuberose on a sweet accord of Vanilla and Tonka bean in the base notes.

nd.26069OH DENIM by UerMì :  A Tuberose wearing Jeans in the interpretation of Denim provided by the new brand whose fragrances are inspired by fabrics. And in fact this tuberose can be casual or elegant as a pair of jeans worn on sneakers or paired with stiletto heels. A jus of Pink Pepper, Ylang Ylang, Neroli, White Musk and oak, vanilla, amber and patchouli which revolves around the note of tuberose dissolving its character in a lively and unisex composition

Now I can happily admit that three of these amazing tuberoses are proudly shining in my collection and tracing new memories in this hot summer.


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