de vita collection

De Vita Collection by Angela Ciampagna, existence in three breaths

Life is the eternal movement of an energy renewing its essence; its scent is in the intangible layer of emotions that settle on our soul while we are breathing.

The new De Vita collection from the brand of fine artisanal perfumery Angela Ciampagna, seems to draw from the same message praising and celebrating the journey of existence through a trilogy of fragrances that represent the hyperbole of life, from its beginning (Laetitia) to the end (Materia), passing through the matchless beauty of what happens in that path (Miracula).

Angela Ciampagna, DE VITA

( Roberto Greco for Angela Ciampagna)

According to Angela Ciampagna, the creation of a fragrance is a sublime metaphor of the act of transformation, during which each element gives itself unreservedly to evolve into something new that, at the same time, continues to exist in a drop that retains its essence. Fantasy, emotions, memories and matter converge in that process, of which the De Vita collection becomes a magnificent and intense olfactory allegory.

Laetitia‘s innocence expresses with the delicacy of a scented water. An olfactory cuddle, light-hearted and spontaneous. A playful and sunny jus that reveals itself through the transparent accord of cyclamen and aquatic notes melting into a pulpy heart of watermelon and melon on a fluffy gourmand base of maltol and musks to evoke the warm and slightly vanilla aroma of a crisp biscuit dipped in a fruit ice-cream. Perfect for those looking for a fresh and gentle fragrance, suitable even under the sun, designed for a baby and his mum but also for our inner child that will never cease dreaming.

Miracula, De Vita CollectionMiracula, the beating heart of De Vita collection, a pouring of emotions kept in a drop of humanity. Tuberose, the forbidden flower, waives to the last narcotic breath of its ephemeral beauty to give body to an extrait of pure sensuality. The brightness of Sicilian lemon, the transparency of cyclamen and an accord of green foliage barely hold the exuberance of the flower that immediately reveals its naked and pure comeliness, to then indulge in the vegetable and musky embrace of ambrette seeds married with warm amber nuances. The carnality of the heart is enhanced by a tonkin musk accord and enriched by a velvety base of exotic woods and vanilla. What remains of that intense and passionate journey is a soft and enveloping trace, creamy and sweetly sensual.

Materia, De Vita CoectionWe are shadows stretching over a wake that precedes us and follows us. Materia is the indelible trace of that act of transformation. Announced by a balsamic and woody sigh, a new dimension emerges from a dense, warm amber heart enhanced by Moroccan cistus and infused with animal musk nuances. A metallic click opens the majestic gate over the last earthly imprint of the Malaysian Patchouli melt to the refined creaminess of Indian sandalwood. A touch of mystery surrouds that moment in a whirl of dark and deep notes, the memory of emotions and hidden passions remains intact, protected in an earthy, animalic, powerful and fascinating nucleus.

Angela Ciampagna creations and the fragrances of De Vita Collection Laetitia, 50 ml spray scented-water, Miracula and Materia, 100 ml spray Extrait de Parfum concentration – are exclusively available in selected perfumeries and can be purchased from Angela Ciampagna web site .


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