Manteuse by Stephane Humbert Lucas review

Manteuse by Stéphane Humbert Lucas

Desire has a thousand faces and a single voice, an irresistible call that may be fatal, sometimes.
The artist and synesthetic perfumer Stéphane Humbert Lucas chooses the praying mantis as an allegory of the ineluctable desire, the one that beguiles and consumes.

Manteuse bottleOverlapping concepts and assonances, Manteuse (Mante – Menteuse) coins the definition of an intriguing and dangerous personality, half insect and half human.

The mantis and its disturbing reproductive practices have always fascinated mankind. Carnivorous and tireless predator, it has a sexual voluptuosness that is inextricably linked to her voraciousness and that – often – results in prolonged couplings during which the male is literally devoured.

Manteuse is sensory perdition, intoxicating materic commixtion and sublime atonement. A vertical fragrance, where the compositional intention is perceived through the fulguration of the initial notes, an olfactory synopsis of a predestined epilogue that unfolds on the skin revealing new details and nuances.

Manteuse PackWhispered carnality, of a leather softened by the aromatic transparency of bergamot and by ethereal white flowers, so that the fatal intemperance of the evolution is exonerated from innate candor. Captivating prelude to an ipnotic metamorphosis that is delineated between balsamic nuances of honey and cistus merged by a soft and creamy effusion of iris and sandalwood. It’s like a dance, a pas de deux that appeases the inextinguishable hunger of an inexorable instinct. Vaguely sweet, how sweet the yield can be, surrounded by a spicy bondage of opoponax and smoky vanilla, quintessence of a contact that becomes progressively definitive and indissoluble. Like a sensual spell, the iridescent weave of leather and iris indulges in the obscure delight of the styrax while slowly sinking into the dense and velvety oriental magnetism of the patchouli. A combination of notes that attract and sublimate each other in an enveloping and captivating composition that retains the last gasp of an existence to radiate it, finally, on pearlescent wings of Shangralide, a fascinating and intense musky-animal note that imbues Manteuse with a touch of refined eroticism.

“… silence, deaf emotions to an existence that gets consumed and disappears to nourish new forms, while nature, maker and supervisor, contemplates its desecrating and sublime work with voyeuristic attention, recognizing in it the archetype of each of its creations. Life. Metamorphosis. Life “

The fragrances of Stéphane Humbert Lucas collection can be purchased worldwide in selected stores and niche perfumeries (a few selling points are listed HERE). Manteuse is available in 50 ml spray, High Concentration Eau de Parfum.


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